Juneau Hiking Trails – Nugget Falls Shore Excursion

Juneau hiking trails shore excursions are unique and full of adventure. As a favorite port of call on an Alaskan cruise, Juneau is full of hidden delights. Experience a true Alaskan adventure with a Jeep tour from Unplugged Adventures on Juneau hiking trails.Juneau-Hiking-Trails-Nugget-Falls-Trail_Unplugged-Alaska
In the mood to stretch your legs and have an intimate session with nature?  If so, we recommend that you take a short hike from the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor’s Center to Nugget Falls.  The Nugget Falls trail is one of Juneau’s most popular hiking trails and a Jeep tour from Unplugged Adventures is sure to allow you to spend as much time exploring the area as you desire.

Nugget Falls is a spectacular waterfall that drops 377 feet in two tiers of 99 feet and 278 feet onto a sandbar in Mendenhall Lake.

Nugget Falls at Mendenhall Glacier is an easy walk suitable for all skill levels.  During your hike to Nugget Falls, it is not uncommon to see black bears, marmots, and a wide array of fowl.  The black bears that you may encounter at Nugget Falls are most active during the salmon runs throughout summer.
The trail to Nugget Falls is heavily traveled and well-maintained by the forest service.  For the average person, it is approximately a 40 minute round-trip hike.  At Nugget Falls, you will be amazed by the blue ice of the glacier and the freshly calved icebergs floating nearby.

During your hike to Nugget Falls, all of your senses will be touched.  Smell the rich, clean scent of pines and blooming flowers.  Capture the beauty of a mother bear teaching her cubs how to hunt salmon and the rippling waves of a calved iceberg unlocked from its 3,000 year union.  Hear the booming crack of Mendenhall Glacier and the steady hum of Nugget Falls as it eternally feeds the lake with water.  Taste the compressed ice and feel the freshness of Nugget Falls water droplets dance upon your face.

We at Unplugged Adventures wish to provide you with the best, most memorable experience that Juneau has to offer.  A hike to Nugget Falls at Mendenhall Glacier is sure to accomplish this and our self-guided Jeeps make your vacation fun, adventurous, and worry free.

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