Juneau Tours: Self-Guided Jeep Tours With Unplugged Adventures

Juneau tours at Unplugged Adventures are not to be missed! Our self-guided Jeep tours are an opportunity for adventurers to explore everything this area of Southeast Alaska has to offer, at your own pace, and in an intimate setting. When your Inside Passage cruise ship docks at Juneau, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to book a side-junket through the Alaskan wilderness. 

Juneau Tours Alaska Unplugged Jeep Adventrures Juneau Alaska

Avid outdoor enthusiasts will love the chance to see whales, bears, eagles, and other local wildlife, and absorb some of the local history of Juneau, Alaska. The numerous side roads will lead you to the  Mendenhall Glacier, the Gold Creek Mine for gold panning, Auke Bay, Glacier Gardens and some truly spectacular scenery. You will have ample opportunities to take lots of pictures. Plan to bring a lunch from the ship and eat out in the wilderness at one of the picnic sites along the trail. 
Our self-guided Jeep tours include a customized audio and visual guide in each open air Jeep Wrangler that is integrated with eight GPS satellites that cover the Southeast territory. All Alaska Unplugged Juneau tours routes, whether preset or customized, will provide total estimated drive times so you can plan accordingly. You won’t get lost because there is only one main road that stretches 44 miles end to end – all pre-programmed routes take you back to home base across from Dock C, all in time to board your ship with time to spare. 
The staff at Juneau tours will put up the top of your Jeep up if it rains, or leave it down so you can breathe in the fresh mountain air. Eagles can be sighted just about everywhere and there are many other photo-ops along your Juneau tours route. 
We recommend that you reserve a vehicle for your Juneau tours online in advance. Our website includes a tutorial on the guide, so you can be familiar with it and hit the road quickly upon arrival.

Your Juneau Tours Jeep Adventure includes

  • Gas
  • Gold Mining Equipment
  • Umbrellas
  • Ponchos
  • Navigation Guide and more!
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