Top 10 Things To Do In Juneau – #1 Mendenhall Glacier Tours

Mendenhall Glacier is Juneau’s most popular destination and Unplugged Adventures Jeep tours are an excellent way for you to experience the splendor of Mendenhall Glacier, a 3,000-year-old glacier in the Juneau Icefield that spans over 13 miles in length, ending at Mendenhall Lake. Whether you’re flying in or arriving with a cruise ship – Mendenhall Glacier Tours is a must see adventure!

The history of the area is rich and interesting – the Juneau Ice Field is an enormous remnant of the last ice age. The lofty peaks of the Mendenhall Glacier offer spectacular views of the river below with blue icebergs floating and mirroring the magnificent Coast Mountains reflected in the water – truly breathtaking! You might see the glacier face calving, exposing the brilliant blue ice – a phenomenon which results from years of intense compression of the ice. It is a popular spawning ground for salmon, and you can see black bears in the area looking for their meal.

At the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, operated by the U. S. Forest Service as part of the Tongass National Forest, you will find state-of-the-art exhibits covering the history of Mendenhall Glacier and how it contrasts with current conditions today in regard to climate change. There are exhibits depicting the variety of wildlife in the area including mountain goatsblack bears, and salmon in the nearby streams. Rangers provide interpretive information and children’s nature programs, point out wildlife, and answer questions about the area. There are numerous exciting trails through the forest and along the lake with excellent opportunities to view the cascading waterfalls and wildlife.

Mendenhall Glacier Tours offer an opportunity to visit the rainforest with its rich moss and abundant plants. Take a walk along the shore of Mendenhall Lake to view the ice bergs and explore the landscape, enjoy a picnic lunch or just soak in the atmosphere. The lake is a result of the run-off from the glacier and has its own unique ecosystem. It is a nursery for a variety of fish including several types of salmon, Dolly Varden char, and cutthroat trout. For photography enthusiasts, there are countless opportunities and unique sites to photograph that you won’t find anywhere else – you won’t leave disappointed!

May through September is the optimal time for Mendenhall Glacier Tours. Nugget Falls trail, the Trail of Time, and East Glacier/Nugget Creek trail can be part of your tour and will easily be the highlight of your Unplugged Alaska adventure.

At Unplugged Adventures our number one priority is providing guests access to as much of Alaska’s untouched grandeur as possible. Our self-guided Jeep tours are specifically designed to make the most out of every minute you have in Juneau, whether it’s digging up gold, or going on Mendenhall Glacier Tours. You will have the unlimited use of a Jeep that comes with a digital guide that will allow you the opportunity to spend your entire day exploring the Juneau area’s various sites and sounds.

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