A few years after landing in Juneau, we thought visitors needed an option to explore everything that this beautiful city has to offer, at their own pace, and in an intimate setting. Our love for the history, culture, and the valuable ecosystem led to development of Juneau tours, a customized audio and visual guide that only shares information on locations that are of interest to you, while also providing a background on the whales, bears, eagles, and history of the area..

Our self-guided Juneau tours include a digital guide that is integrated with eight GPS satellites that cover the Southeast territory. That means it works regardless of whether cell service is available and can alter its audio message to sync with your specific destinations and travel times. We know some guests have reservations about getting lost on a self-guided Jeep tour or possibly missing a ship departure. Juneau tours are easy, in that sense, because there is only one main road that stretches 44 miles end to end. There are numerous smaller side roads that will take you to the glacier, gold mining creeks, and many other destinations. We incorporated a bright red HOME button that will alter the vehicles navigation to automatically direct you back to your ship if needed.  All routes, preset or customized, provide total estimated drive times so you can plan accordingly. We kindly request that you provide your mobile phone number and the cruise ship you are traveling on so that one of our friendly staff can reach out to you if your departure time is approaching. (Your contact information will never leave our system or be used for marketing purposes.)

We can’t imagine a more fun way to experience Southeast Alaska than in an open air Jeep Wrangler. Our entire fleet of Wranglers come with easy lift soft tops, allowing you to take in the fresh mountain air or quickly take cover from the rain. Our staff is happy to setup your Jeep prior to your Juneau tour with the top up or down, and instruct you on how to lift or secure it along your journey.

We want your day in Juneau to be packed full of fun and pictures, which is why we selected our home base directly across from the central terminal, Dock C. We know things sometimes don’t come together until the last minute, however we’ve designed our reservation system to be seamless so you will only need to show your drivers license upon arrival to be on your way. If you can reserve a vehicle for your Juneau tour through your cruise line, it’s strongly encouraged. Our website includes a tutorial on the guide, so you can be familiar with it and hit the road upon arrival.