At Unplugged Adventures, we feel fortunate to meet people from all over the world. Let us be among the first to welcome you to the United States, and in particular Alaska! Our goal is to make your experience as seamless as it is for our domestic guests, so please read our tips below on Juneau car rentals and ensure the driver of your party has their driver’s license (issued by their home country) on their person, as well as any non-English words and numbers translated into English prior to your departure.

Alaska law allows international guests from any country with a current and valid driver’s license to operate a passenger vehicle in the state for up to 90 days. That means that unless you plan to keep a Juneau car rental beyond 90 days, you do not need any additional permits or licenses to rent from us. However, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that any license issued in any language other than English be translated into English before you leave home: this will ensure that your check-in process is not delayed by our staff needing to verify content and will help protect you from unforeseen delays in the event law enforcement needs to translate your license. We generally find the summer roads included in our guided tour fairly easy to navigate, but we want to make sure your time here is maximized in the event local authorities need to see a driver’s license.

Please understand that we cannot rent to any guest that does not have their current and valid license on their person. We legally cannot accept copies or pictures, so please ensure the driver in your party has their physical driver’s license with them upon arrival, along with any necessary translation documents.

As part of our ongoing effort to make your journey as pleasant as possible, we are currently working on multiple language options for our guided tour. Unfortunately it will not be ready for upcoming summer season, so we regret that this season our digital guide is only available in English. If you have suggestions on which languages would be most beneficial, we’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to Alaska, we hope you have an amazing adventure!