Unplugged Adventures knows you have a lot of things to do while in Juneau, and our number one priority is making the most of your day. With that in mind, we’ve selected our ten favorite things to do throughout the region, all with stunning photo opportunities and a customized guide to point out interesting facts and figures about your destination. Whether it’s an ice-capped glacier you care to trek, a gold mining experience, or cultural tour you seek, we believe Juneau has a vast array of options to suit any adventurer’s taste of things to do.


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Mendenhall Glacier

Juneau’s most popular destination, come see this 3,000 year old glacier spanning over 13 miles in length.  If you’re lucky, you might witness the glacier face calving, exposing bright blue ice that results from years of intense compression. A popular spawning ground for salmon and black bears following in their path, the Steep Creek trail accessed from the south side of the parking lot is a perfect place to hike. Park rangers are often present on this trail to answer any questions you may have.

Shrine of Saint Therese

A subtle cobblestone church nestled in the woods, this serene temple of reflection shouldn’t be missed.  It’s quiet grandeur overlooking  Shelter Island cannot be described in word, and is a must for anyone seeking self reflection and solitude in its most natural form. Visitors have often been pleasantly surprised by non-human visitors, including marmots (also known as whistling pigs), whales and occasionally bears.

Saint Nicolas Orthodox Church

This is Juneau’s most iconic church, which was established by the local Tlingit population and Serbian miners with the financial support of the Russian Mission Society. Known for their embrace of the local language and culture, natives embraced Orthodox Christianity that had previously taken root in neighboring Sitka. With its characteristic onion dome constructed in St. Petersburg in 1895, it is the oldest continuously operating church in the region.

Gold Creek

If you’re up for an adventure, we’ve provided gold mining pans, diggers and keepsakes in the back of your vehicle for an unforgettable mining experience. Rest assured we have an educational video to assist in your adventure, and the views from the mine are one in a million.

Out the Road

If you think half the fun in any adventure is getting there, then heading ‘Out the Road’ is right up your alley. Known by locals as ‘Out the Road’, this venture will take you on a beautiful scenic drive along the Alaska coastline to the very end of the Juneau road system. ‘Out the Road’ doesn’t have a specific destination in mind like the gold mine or shrine, but it is an ideal journey for photographers and wanderers alike. Rest assured, your GPS will work even where cell service is not available.

North Douglas Island

If a beautiful mountain drive is what you’re searching for, look no further. Douglas Island is a short two minute drive from downtown Juneau, and offers a private drive to one of America’s best ski resorts, as well as views of Admiralty Island, home of the densest brown bear population on earth!

Glacier Gardens

Home of the upside down trees. Juneau’s Botanical Gardens are a unique and beautiful way to see Juneau’s local foliage up close. The garden’s roots emanate from mudslides that are all too common in a region that experiences 230 days of rain every year, but what resulted is a reminder that nature’s beauty springs eternal.

Governors Mansion

Juneau is the only US capital that doesn’t have external access to any major highways or towns. With the majority of Alaska’s governors residing outside of Juneau and flying in only for official business, the mansion is a fitting reflection the towns historical importance, and remoteness, throughout the last century.


If you love salmon and are fascinated by their innate ability to find their way back to their birthplace after several years, DIPAC provides a great educational and hands on experience for guests. A regularly scheduled tour will take you through the hatching, development and release phase of the young fish’s life…which naturally brings them back to this spot for the final spawning phase of their long journey.

Auke Bay & Lake

The reflection off Auke Lake looking onto the Mendenhall Glacier should not be missed. It is often an example of perfect reflection making for an unforgettable picture. If you want to stop for lunch or just a moment of respite, check out the remote picnic tables located in Auke Bay on your app.


If you’re looking to share a meal with friends and family in an unforgettable location, check out the three suggested picnic locations on your digital guide. Our website has a variety of restaurant options to choose from if you care to take a hot meal with you.

Picture Safari

There are so many beautiful photo opportunities throughout Southeast Alaska, but we’ve marked our very favorite spots at various places throughout the area for you to preview and visit if you choose.

Tired of being out to sea? Foodies rejoice. We believe a city’s cuisine tells as much about its presence as abandoned gold mines and museums tell about its history. Juneau’s economy has been built around its rich, fish-laden waters, and its seafood cuisine is as good as it gets. If you care for a fresh caught meal or take-out for a quiet picnic, see one of our many recommendations below.

If shopping is on your list of things to do, South Franklin Street is a convenient and walkable shopping district within the port area full of merchants selling various Alaska goods, including shirts, jewelry, wood-carvings, fudge, and local confectionaries. In the same area is the Alaskan Brewing Company Brewing Depot, which offers barware and gifts for Alaska’s most popular brewer. The brewery began in 1986 and continues to brew and bottle its beer in its original Lemon Creek location (approximately 15 minutes from the cruise ship terminal) to this day. The brewery welcomes guests to tour and taste its beer in Lemon Creek, which we highly recommend if you’re not driving!