What will the weather be like when I arrive?

Great question for your jeep adventures. While we can't predict the weather, Juneau is a natural rain forest that receives rain or snow approximately 230 days per year. The average high temperature in May and September is 56 degrees (F), climbing to a peak 64 degrees (F) in July. June and August are typically in the low 60s (F).

How long should I plan my jeep adventure to be?

That depends on how much you want to see. The application is designed with ease of use in mind and will route the best trip for you based on the locations you select on the touch screen. We have ten suggested locations, with the closest point of interest a short one mile drive and the longest 33 miles away. Should you choose to see everything on the map, we suggest you plan eight hours to allow adequate time to enjoy each location and take pictures.

For your convenience, we have a pre-selected 4-hour, 6-hour and 8-hour tour that prioritize the points of interest that we think are most important to our guests. The pre-selected tours allow approximately 30 minutes to experience each location on the route, along with extra time allocated for pictures and pit stops.

What should I wear?

We suggest all visitors to Juneau have a raincoat with an adequate hood. Unplugged Adventures provides disposable ponchos and each vehicle is equipped with umbrellas. If you plan to visit the gold mining site, we also recommend waterproof boots for your jeep adventures. 

What will I see?

Everyday is different on our jeep adventures. It is not uncommon to see a black bear off the road or near the Mendenhall Glacier trails. Bald Eagles are fairly common along the main highway, and there are numerous smaller animals throughout Juneau's roads and trails. Mountain goats can sometimes be spotted with binoculars, and depending on which month you plan your visit, various species of salmon could be spawning along Juneau's various streams and bays. In order to maximize your time, we have suggested photography and serene lunch sites built into your application.

What is your cancellation policy?

We know your time in Juneau is short and we do our best to maximize your experience here. As a result, we are happy to fully refund any reservation up to seven days prior to your Jeep Adventure, however after that period we must charge in full for the vehicle to ensure adequate availability for all guests. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, please contact our reservation desk as we are happy to accommodate our guests whenever possible.

What requirements does Unplugged Adventures have for the driver?

We require drivers to be at least 25 years old to rent any of our vehicles. We accept US and international drivers licenses, but kindly request any non-English text be converted to English. That allows both the check-in process, and any traffic stops, to go quickly and smoothly. Sorry, but for insurance purposes we cannot rent a vehicle to anyone that does not have their valid, original drivers license on their person. We cannot accept photocopies of a driver’s license.

Please note drivers are not allowed to touch the digital guide while the vehicle is in motion. We have installed the guide to be easily accessible to the front seat passenger, alternatively there are numerous pullouts along the road if you need a safe place to reconfigure your trip.

What is included in my trip?

Your Jeep Adventure will include unlimited use of the vehicle, fuel, insurance and the application guide, as well as gold mining equipment you can use at your leisure. Guests are responsible for the $1,000 insurance deductible in the event of an incident, but can waive the deductible for $25 per reservation. Guests are responsible for any moving or parking tickets they incur. Please note the Mendenhall Glacier charges a $5 parking fee, which guests are responsible for.

If provided by your ship, we suggest bringing your lunch or dinner with you for an amazing outdoor meal at one of our suggested picnic locations. Alternatively, we have a few restaurant recommendations we'd be happy to share. 

Can I get lost?

While we don't want to jinx anything, our guide is integrated with GPS positioning that will work even in areas that don't have cell service. Juneau only has one main road, so it is pretty difficult to stray too far on your jeep adventures. Furthermore, our application has a red home base button you can always push if you would like to be guided back to the cruise ship terminal. 

Is parking an issue in Juneau?

Typically no. The Mendenhall Glacier is the busiest location in Juneau during the summer months. You may have to park further away during busy times, but there are two parking lots ($5 parking fee) and overflow street parking for guests. Parking shouldn't be an issue and is free everywhere else.

Did we miss something?

Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you!