Unplugged Adventures Offers Several Fun Things To Do Around Juneau

Things To Do Alaska Unplugged Adventrures Jumeau Alaska Auke Bay LakeUnplugged Adventures offers several fun things to do around Juneau. Depending on how much you want to see and do, and the time available to you, we have several options for things to do on one of our Jeep tours – from as little as a mile from town to a longer excursion of up to 33 miles distance. There are pre-selected tours of varying duration that highlight specific points of interest, or you can pre-set your own tour on the touchscreen that comes equipped with each vehicle. 
Things to do on an Unplugged Adventures Jeep tour will appeal to the interests of guys and gals alike, as well as tours for the entire family. One of the most popular tours is the Gold Creek Mine where you can try your hand at gold panning just like the Alaskan Prospectors of history! (Unplugged Adventures will provide the pans and diggers). Our goal is to ensure you have an unforgettable mining experience. 
The Shrine of Saint Therese and The St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Churchare both popular things to do on a Jeep tour and you are sure to enjoy them both. Visitors have frequently been pleasantly surprised by members of the animal kingdom, including marmots, whales and, yes, (occasionally), bears. St Nicholas, Juneau’s most iconic church, was established by the local native Tlingits, known for their unique native culture and art, who embraced Orthodox Christianity. It is the oldest continuously operating church in the region. 
Auke Bay overlooking the Mendenhall Glacier is a sight to behold, and you’ll want to make your camera is at hand. This is also a good spot to stop for lunch. If provided by your ship, we suggest bringing your lunch or dinner with you for an amazing outdoor meal at one of the picnic tables.
Arguably, Glacier Gardens and exploring the rainforest is the favorite of things to do around Juneau. Beautiful scenic views of the Mendenhall Valley and Douglas Island surrounded by the Chilkat Mountain range are not to be missed when you’re looking for memorable things to do on an Unplugged Adventure in Alaska.
As each day can bring its own surprises in terms of weather, so it does for wildlife sightings. Black bears can often be seen on or near the road on the Mendenhall Glacier trails, and Bald Eagles are fairly common. Smaller animals will be seen quite frequently, and Mountain Goats can be seen on the mountainsides through binoculars. Also, in certain months, you can plan your side-junket into the Alaskan wilderness to catch the Salmon spawning in the rivers and streams of the area.
We are geared up and ready to get you started on your Unplugged Adventure. Get started planning now! Alaska Unplugged – 660-815-2602 – 549 S. Franklin St. – Juneau, AK 99801